Make yourself

Had a good workout session with my teammate Tiffany so we won’t be as sore when we workout with the team tomorrow. Below is the gym for athletes at San Jose State, great gym! According to the Americans biking to school for seven minutes is – sooooo far. In Sweden biking for 45 minutes is far! 20110830-095949.jpg



Happy Monday


Today I received a big package from Sweden filled with candy and a magazine from my lovely man Henrik! It made my day after I have been trying to add a class for five hours that I finally got an add code for. I also played a qualifying round for our first tournament at Spring Valley golf course, +3 with one birdie, everyday is a new challenge.

We ❤ Sweets – Yogurtland in Santa Barbara 

Sunday at Castlewood


LOVE THE SHADE20110828-083104.jpg

Castlewood is the place I spend my weekends at. I was lucky and honored to receive a scholar merit in order to be able to practice at this beautiful Country Club. They have a practice hole where you can hit wedges to and practice shots up to 130 yards. Today I worked on my wedges and swing. I found a place on the left side in the shade where I could hit a couple hours. As u can see below it was 92 F which is 33 C! After I visited my x roommate that works at gay nineties in Pleasanton that I haven’t seen all summer!


First week of school

First week in California and I it has been a busy week with a lot of new classes and new people on my team. I am really looking forward for this season and can not wait until we head to our first tournament in Colorado. This week I have been on the phone with my dear ones in Sweden a lot and I miss them already! The plan for this blog is to share something from my last year as a senior everyday, enjoy!