Dream Course

Before I move back to Sweden there is one course I really really really want to play, Pebble Beach! Any idea how to get a tee time for June?
Tiger is playing Frys Open next weekend trying to find some tickets:)
Today I did all the laundry before we take off for Seattle on Saturday. We played Los Altos, the weather is amazing here in cali!

17 mile drive 2010 next to Pebble Beach



I would like to dedicate this post to my family that I miss so much! A couple more months and I will be back forever!

1st day, 36 holes, New Mexico!

Good job team! So proud of you guys! I contributed with +3 the first 18 and then the team kept on playing well:)I shot +3, +8. Rough last 18 which I will never repeat again:) Positive attitude and a new day tomorrow! Yay Europe for winning Solheim Cup!

Tomorrow we are playing 18 holes with a shot gun at 8 am (+8 Sweden)

New Mexico

Flew to New Mexico today, the weather is nice and we are ready to play our practice round tomorrow!
We are staying close to the airport and the golf course and I will update more pictures tomorrow.
The tournament starts on Sunday:)


Parking parking parking…ticket..


So today I got my sixth parking ticket in this lovely country. I called my dad in April 2009, I had recieved 5 parking tickets in a WEEEK! He said- I will help you pay on of them if you promise me one thing- learn how to read a sign! Since then I have not gotten a ticket until today 8pm. The reason why- Someone have made the 9pm to a 6pm by posting a sticker over it! There are worst things in life…


Note for myself- If you don’t ask it will always be a no

I say a little pray for you

A place to pray can be found anywhere, cold & warm places:)

Today Sunday, me and Jody decided to visit a church close by her house. I was recommended to visit this church by my professor and I have always wanted to visit a church with positive attitude towards life with a lot of gospel and singing. And from now on I can not wait to go back! We made some prayers for Jody who is till fighting to find the right treatment. I am always here for you:)

Partners in crime forever


Afterwards me and Jen went to practice one of the places we stopped by was the field that we practice at every Wednesday where we can set up different targets to hit to, its awesome!




= Castlewood where I practiced today!

I also did three hours of community service at sacred heart where we stored everything for Monday!

Note for myself from lecture this week- Vampire relationship = is a friendship where one person only focus on their own problems and usually reflect someones problem to their own world.

Friday and a clean closet

After a couple hours of practice Im trying to make up my mind of which shoes I should order, I really want to order the myjoys and add MZ. Meanwhile I am figuring it out I cleaned my closet and found some pictures of my dream closet! After that I met up with my girls for dinner in Campbell:)