Happy Birthday to me!

Today is my 22nd birthday! It has been a week since I last posted and it is about time I start posting everyday again. The team flew to Hawaii this morning to prepare for our last tournament, what a great place to celebrate your day. We have been walking on the beach and had a great dinner. Tomorrow we are waking up early ready for snorkeling and practice;)







October 18th

Hello everyone, today I woke up very happy and the weather have been so good lately in San Jose! Tomorrow I will pick up my parents and we are going to enjoy the restaurants together:) I have a lot of projects due this week so practice study practice study! Yesterday we studied at panera bread where they have wireless and good food!I promised to drive my parents to Carmel this weekend.

Carmel ❤


Last Day of Stanford

Today was the last day of the tournament at Stanford.  I finished the round with three secutive birdies and finished with the scores of 70, 69, 72! This tournament had a great field and I finished in the 10th place. Spartans are now getting ready for our last tournament in Hawaii:) In a few days I am picking up my family at the airport, so excited!

Read more about our tournament on the spartans website



I do not have Internet today so it will be a post without pictures. Please follow us tomorrow on our second round starting at 10 am! I will post more tomorrow:) Spartans are fighting again tomorrow! I shot -1 and I’m currently in the 13th place.

Come watch us play at Stanford!

Tomorrow we are teeing off at 10.00 am on the 10th hole and we would love if you guys came and watched us! The field at this tournament is strong and we are all excited to go out and beat them all:) We are staying at a hotel tomorrow but tonight I am gonna enjoy being home.  Follow us on


Found my dream shoes, Nike air womens golf. So light! 

A day with Tiger

I had a great time at Frys Open where I followed Tiger the entire time:) Tiger happened to hit right at us on his drive on the first hole that we followed. The balled managed to land on a guy in the audience and Tiger apologized and give him a glove by saying- Oh shit I am sorry! He was wearing really funky shoes and I looked them up and they happened to be his own prototype. They looked like running shoes and I hope they have them for women super nice!






Frys Open!

Prepared and ready for the Frys Open to finally watch Tiger play a couple holes! We have practice in the morning then we are going to head 30 minutes south to the tournament. The weather is good again in Cali:) I will update the blog tomorrow with pictures!