Happy 2012

I wish you all a happy new year! I will be spending the new years eve at Henriks house and we are in charge for the dinner and games! It has been the most challenging year for me and I am ready to start fresh and new 2012. I have not made my list for all the wishes I have planned to come true yet, I might let you know tomorrow..



True or false?

How To Become Successful In Life – 5 Common

Mistakes You Can Easily


I sometimes find it hard to define success. Some people say it is every little move you do towards your goal that will determine your outcome. I find this list to be inspiring a rainy day like this Wednesday. ( Sorry, I could not make the picture larger)



Today has been a wonderful day so far! Woke up and exchanged presents with my lovely boyfriend, ate breakfast with a lot of delicious things on the table with family, made tons of candy, had coffee with family and now we are preparing for a big dinner and Santa Claus to show up ( My mom loves dressing up and give gifts)!



My favorite recipe that I just completed above,  just boil 1 cup of sugar and add a little water and then sprinkle some powdered sugar. I also made the ones below:)

Sweet home!

I am now finally home and it is very nice to spend time with family and friends. No snow so far!  I have played some golf in the rain and snow which was not very pleasant. I wish everyone a great time during the Holiday and Merry Christmas!


Love you Jody. Please post a comment if you are interested in attending the event below for Jody! I am not very good expressing my passion and feeling for this event in words,  so I picked out some pictures that describe the places and motivation you give me Jody.




Almost Christmas!

One more final to go then I am ready to pack and go home to Sweden! Just got back one of my hardest finals and I got 96/100, BAM!

I could never imagine a Christmas without snow.  It makes it so quiet and peaceful. But when I land this weekend it will probably green:) These pictures are from last year of lovely neighborhood!