First big bird of the year

Today I made my first eagle of the year. By hitting a 3 wood and another 3 wood (after my roommate convinced me to go for it) I reached the last par five at Almaden Country Club in two and made the putt:) Remember to put next Monday on your calendar!


My new idol!

Sophie Grace, from UK, singing Nikki Minaj might be the cutest thing alive. This little girl is the new it girl in Hollywood and you guys have to meet her:) Watch the videos below.

Hair & Gymnastics

Got my hair done today after practice. I thought the display of all different colors was very original so I decided to take a picture of it and at the same time the entire thing broke and all the pieces were everywhere in the salon:/ We finished our evening by watching the gymnastics team win their match. Their level of concentration while other teams are screaming and cheering is something I admire and could work on:)





We did something different at practice today. We played from the red tees and we took out the driver and 3wood:)  Anyhow, my professor told me the other day that she meditates everyday for almost 30 minutes. She strongly believes it has helped her to manage the deadlines and stress throughout her life. So I asked her what she did. She told me she meditates everywhere, in the line while waiting to purchase something or while finding a parking spot and that was very interesting to me. I tried it and it did not really work for, so I have to practice more I guess.. Something that did work for me was to listen to a song that puts me into my own favorite place. I am considering taking a class to learn more about it because it seems to be powerful.

Sushi and interview

Today I was interviewed by Washington Square Magazine, and it went very well. Most of the questions were about my adventure in San Jose and how I picked the place. The interesting part is if they put it they way I said it or how they want it:) Interview+sushi= a good day!

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday!

 Mardi Gras = refer to events of the carnival celebrations. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday referring to the practice of the last night of eating richer foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season.

In Sweden we call it Fettisdagen!

This is how the celebrate it in New Orleans