Happy Spring Weekend!


Happy weekend! Today our entire apartment workout. If you feel you want to workout this weekend try Britneys own Spring Break Beach Workout which is
100 crunches
25 squats
75 crunches
25 squats
25 crunches
25 squats
25 crunches

Finish with 3 songs of Zumba!

Or Jens Super Cardio Workout
30 minutes Cardio or 3.5 miles

Below is our own gym and the view that gives me motivation:)

Me after running in Jens tempo:)
My workout buddies Jen and Kevin



Where are you sunny California when I need you?

Please sun come out sometime this week! Played golf today and did yoga again. Tried Hot Vinyasa where the instructor teaches you different breathing techniques on top of the different poses. The room was 90 degrees so it was really hot! I worked out this morning as well, I need some new workout music, I think it is time to buy Spotify premium again:)




Everyone is wearing fancy yoga bags,.. Did not know it was such a big thing haha:)

Spring work!

Spring work has started! 3 workout sessions in two days, yoga and gym and of course golf afterwards! Yoga was amazing, I am sore and I can’t wait to try Hot Vinyasa tomorrow. The workout below that Stephanie is doing is amazing for abs! You hold the bar above your head and go cross with your legs 90 degrees. We did 20×3 and then after each set we did a situp with the bar!




Spring Break

Tomorrow spring break will start! I wish I could take the flight home and spend some time with this special boy:)

I will spend my Spring Break in San Jose and will do Yoga everyday at NuLife Yoga. I am really excited to practice golf and workout everyday. I have read so many articles about how yoga is equal to a really hard workout session so this is going to be interesting to see if it actually is true.. I will let you know in a week from now!

I am also playing Spyglass on THURSDAY so excited!!

I talked to my friend Miriam today and she thinks I should post more pictures of myself haha, so this picture is for you before Yoga!