Closet on sale

Summer Sale! I am currently selling my clothes for 5 dollars each please come by and take a look. The clothes are both from Europe and the U.S!




Wow I am so exhausted after completing my portfolio. In one of my classes I am required to create a portfolio from scratch which means that I had to build a website where I provide descprition and different links to my projects. This has taken me over a month and this weekend I had to put it all together. I might seem to be very high tech but this project took me to another level! I am not done yet and there are things I need to adjust but if you want to take a look please do!

Breakfast with the president

After winning the WAC championship Women’s Golf Team and Women’s Swimming and diving had the chance to eat some breakfast with the president of San Jose State University this morning! As the captain of our team, I had to make a speech and this is how well prepared I was, thank god for napkins:)

Day 2/3!

Spartans are still in the lead! The team is leading with a total of +6 and I am in 2nd place with the scores 70,74:) I struggled a little bit from the beginning by missing a couple of fairways. Lets goooo girls! We watched the lucky one in the largest movie theatre in Arizona and everyone on the team cried a little bit;)20120424-204402.jpg



Day 1/3

Spartans are in the lead with a total of +3! I shot 70 today and I am currently tied for 2nd. It was a little too hot for the swede today! We are spending the rest of the day going to the movie theatre! Go Spartans! ⛳ 20120423-161042.jpg



Let the championship begin!

 We finished our practice round today after five hours in 103 F! The course is playing a little differently than usual, they have moved back a couple of tees and made a par four into a par five so the total par is 72. We will tee off early in the morning in order to get some cool air. I can see that a lot of people visited my blog today and I am so happy that you are all interested to see what the Spartans are up to:) Follow us on golfstat tomorrow! Together we can, Go Spartans! (We tried to stay cool today with some towels around our heads:)





This is probably the most important tournament for me in four year as a college golfer and I can’t wait to start this event! We have prepared with hard practice, great attitude and a new cheer:) Let’s make it four in a row!