I love watching Wimbledon and I am so happy my channels in America is showing it all:) It is something special about this tournament. Who do you believe is going to win?


The European Tour qualifier 2013

So I the update is that the European Tour qualifier will be hosted in Marrakech this December. I have never been to Africa so this will be very interesting:) I was hoping it would be in Spain since I could have gone a little earlier and practiced but hopefully the snow will stay far away from Sweden until December:) Wow looks like an amazing place to be huh? I will for sure share some amazing pictures with all of you.

18th hole Pebble Beach


Some more candy photos from U.S Open. Below is pictures of us of course;) and  Luke Donald, Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Ian Poulter, and McDowell. One picture is also of Jason Day who has saved out super long hair!