Top 3 things to do in Maui

2. The drive to Hana is the most famous road on the Island. It is 68 miles, 59 bridges, 620 turns. Yes it made me sick but it was worth it in the end. The bridges were made for one car and the people living on the Island did not care about all the tourists in the rental cars so every turn was like gambling. Once you reach Hana and the National Park you will be amazed, you have arrived in Paradise. Below are pictures from the two hour hike on the Pipway trails and from the seven sacred pools.  


Top 3 things to do in Maui

3. The view from Haleakala Volcano is amazing. It is around 10 000 feet above the clouds. The drive there is a little bit tricky but it is amazing once you reach the top!

Still in Maui mentally

Back in California! I’m mentally still in Maui and of course we decided to wake up 6 in the morning to practice and workout our first morning back:) It should be easier to wake up for the olympics ceremony, I hope you guys are watching! We have edited all the pictures now so more will be uploaded tomorrow from the paradise. 20120726-223752.jpg 20120726-223759.jpg


Here comes another update from our days in California. They time is running by and we are almost off to Sweden forever. I can’t believe four years went this fast! Below is pictures from San Francisco, the golf courses, surf contest in Santa Cruz and more pictures will come from next week. 20120717-222416.jpg







Hey everyone, we have had a great week. Its harder to update when you are traveling all over but I picked a couple of pictures for you guys. We have been  playing some great golf and also spent some time at a market where we found some bacon wallets, bacon soda, and other weird things as well as enjoying the hot days by the pool. We are now looking forward to Hawaii next week!







Happy Sunday!

Congratulations to Tiger Woods and Spain! As for Sunday reading time, I really recommend this book- Happier. It really opens up your eyes for what happiness truly is and how making goals and value the journey of life is very important:)

Looking back at four great years

So I am currently looking back at my four years at San Jose State as a player. I went through my scores and I believe it is important to reflect on this important journey as a player. My scoring average has decreased each year and I am looking forward to continue this trend:) I am now scheduling my practice hours for this summer and fall, and thought it would be nice to share my years with you guys! After four years and 126 rounds, my scoring average is 74.90.