Practice at Pebble Beach!

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 10.28.00 PM


Upcoming events!

20130226-215141.jpg Hello everyone! The snow is almost gone and I am so excited to sense spring in the air! Some pictures from my progress. I have been planning a car now for a little while and I will show you pictures soon when it arrives! I am going to Spain in two weeks March 10th to practice with some other Swedish pros at Arcos Garden in Malaga.


Arcos_Gardens_Golf_and_Country_EstateArcos Garden in Malaga

Happy Weekend!

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 11.06.00 PMBoth tennis and golf on tv this weekend 🙂
It has been a busy week for me, I am planning my budget for all the tournaments and filling out applications for the tournaments. The not so fun part to golf but it has to be done! I am looking forward to a weekend at Golf Arenan and I hope the sun will be out as well.I wish you guys a great weekend!

I cant get enough of this video + the driver is amazing..

Hard work work!

20130218-082409.jpgMe and my little cousin!

20130218-082401.jpg30 more days until I will play my first event in France and I can’t wait. I am now planning a trip where I can play and practice before I go to France since this Swedish weather is too cold:) I spend some time with my cousins this weekend and it is so nice to visit family before my season starts. 179284_533750319990286_362938525_n
Picture above is from my crossfit session today..

Happy Sunday!

Spending my last hours of the weekend watching the Pro Am at Pebble Beach and it is awesome to see the big guys making the same mistakes as me;-)DSC_0756DSC_0719
Hello everyone! I hope you guys had a great weekend. It won’t stop snowing here and it is making me a little nervous. Thankfully my home course is the best place to practice and the heat lamp is saving my days of practice! My schedule for this year is finally here:-) I could only fit the first couple of tournaments until June to make it as a picture but if you want to see my complete schedule you can read more under Schedule 2013.

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At the range today… 

If you haven’t seen this video yet, watch it!

Pictures from Annika academy

academy_headerWelcome to the insides of Annikas Academy. I am really impressed with the new clubs from Callaway. The utility iron is awesome. It creates the perfect control just like an iron but it goes further than my hybrid. You should try it! It is almost weekend I have been working hard on improving my swing. I have put in extra time at the gym and I can already sense a better control of my body while doing the drills at the range. Callaway-X-Proto-Utility-Iron_640I tried both 21 degrees and 23 degrees..
IMG_0429IMG_0440Annikas academy with the Reunion hotel in the background where I stayed for the weekend
IMG_0452Me and David Wheeler trying out the new stuff!IMG_0453