List of merit

Lowest Score: 67
1st Place:
NCAA West Regional 2010
Stanford, California.
Halmstad Mästaren 2011, 2008
Holms GK, Sweden 
Junior Master Invitational Final 2007
Stromstad, Sweden
SFB Tour Regional 2005
Forsgarden, Sweden

2nd Place:
Western Conference Championship 2011
Tucson, Arizona 
Fresno State Lexus Classic,
Fresno, California.
Junior Master Invitational Final 2006,
Haninge, Sweden
Swedish Championship girls born 89 2003,
Trummenas, Sweden
Skandia Tour Riks 2006,
Oskarshamn, Sweden
Grappas Junior Open 2007,
Grappas, Sweden
Prince Bertils Trophy 2007,
Halmstad, Sweden
Wendel Junior Open 2006,
3rd Place:
Chalmers Junior Open 2004,
Chalmers, Sweden
Hovas Junior Open 2005,
Gothenburg, Sweden
Skandia Tour Riks 2006,
Fargelanda, Sweden
Skandia Tour Elit 2007,
Soderby, Sweden
Qualified for Ladies British Open Amateur Championship 2009
For latest statistics while playing on the College Tour Division 1 

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